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Деревянный конструктор "Государственный исторический музей" / 372 детали

Такой деревянный конструктор - незабываемый подарок для всех, кто живет в Москве, бывал в столице и просто восхищается местной архитектурой.

На основе сотен фотографий реального здания нам удалось создать уменьшенную сборную копию Государственного исторического музея, расположенного на Красной площади. Мы упростили модель, сохранив самые знаковые элементы архитектуры.

Настоящее здание музея строилось на протяжении 8 лет, вы можете собрать его всего за 2,5 часа. В комплекте идёт 372 детали, и каждая неповторима. Обещаем, что вы захотите рассмотреть каждую из них перед тем как приступить к сборке.

Конструктор "Государственный исторический музей" - хороший подарок для туриста и воспоминание о Москве, которое вы можете увезти с собой в любую точку мира. В собранном виде конструктор - это отличное украшение интерьера. Он хорошо смотрится как на книжной полке, так и на столе в конференц-зале.


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Инструкция по сборке

Отзывы (1)

Количество деталей: 372 штуки / Время сборки: 180 минут

Размер собранной модели: 39х20х20 см

Комплектация: деревянные блистеры с деталями, иллюстрированная инструкция по сборке

Материал: берёзовая фанера, 3 мм

Условия хранения: -35 С до + 35 С, беречь от попадания влаги, прямых солнечных лучей и механического воздействия.

Время сборки
180 минут
1200 гр
с 14 лет
берёзовая фанера
Страна происхождения
Размер собранной модели
500х200х300 мм
Размер в упаковке
320х230х70 мм
без клея
Дополненная реальность (AR)
Отзывы (1)
Daniel Andras
Daniel here, from South Carolina, United States! This wooden construction set...was...awesome! Loved this State Museum architecture model! It's not a "doll house"... it's a 3-D wood puzzle that DOES take a little bit of thinking & time, but well worth the effort & price! I took my time with the exquisiteness of this project over the course of a few weeks. Does it really take that long? No. I did a little bit here, a little bit there, 30 minutes one night, an hour on another night, etc. I enjoyed the smell of the wood boards & running my fingers over the puzzle pieces, while I watched it come together. It was GREAT working with Viktoriya. She was super helpful! I reached out to the company via their chat feature on their website, then was able to email. I don't speak Russian, & she doesn't speak English, but thank God for Google Translate! She was very transparent, honest, upfront, helpful; it was truly a joy to order from her / company. She was able to get decent rates on shipping, & the package arrived within a week... FROM RUSSIA (with love) ;)... much quicker than expected. This makes me really want to order more products in the future! In terms of the instructions, they are pretty clear & easy to follow. HOWEVER, the pictures / diagrams (especially trying to figure out which holes the pieces need to fit into) were at times a little small & therefore difficult to interpret. I did, on several occasions, COMPLETELY miss inserting a piece or two, which gave me anxiety ...LOL... because I had to go back, & undo some careful work, having already put the pieces together quite tightly... At other times, some of the more fragile pieces REALLY scared me because I thought I was going to snap / break them due to the pressure that was needed to push them into their respective slots. The good thing about this, is that they thought about this aspect ahead of time, by providing some extra pieces in case any of the more fragile pieces broke. SMART THINKING. The other cool thing is that the wood placards / boards themselves ARE pretty sturdy, even for being so thin. Overall, it was very fun. It has been, & I'm sure it will be, a source of wonder & questions for people who will see this project in my house / on my table / nightstands / wherever I put it. I like it so much because it's like bringing a part of a different country from far away, into my home, on a very small scale... when I look at it, I'm instantly transported away (to Russia's Red Square). I wish they (the company) would create & build more structures like these, of different world wonders / architectural buildings (they have some already) because I think I would DEFINITELY buy them. Fortunately, I do have another one of their projects that I will begin soon: the church. Thanks again for a wonderful, relaxing, interesting, intriguing, & FUN, chance at building something that your creative minds have put together. Please keep up the good work! All the best, Daniel
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